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Elmont Residents Hold Another Protest against Casino Growth

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Elmont Residents Hold Another Protest against Casino Growth

Opponents with the planned addition of a small videos lottery terminal casino during the established Belmont Park rallied beyond your racetrack on Saturday, urging legislators to prohibit the proposed development. Organizers informed media that they are not best protesting resistant to the Nassau region casino but additionally up against the one out of Suffolk district.

Dozens of protesters contended that the establishment of a VLT gaming venue at Belmont playground would enlarge crime speed and would increase the amount of site visitors in an region this is certainly already heavily congested. Some additionally reported that we now have six institutes close by and a increase that is potential driving-under-the-influence matters merely will not sound right with regards to their neighborhood.

Other people included that gambling enterprises are created to make sure that guests never ever set all of them. Thus, the extension of a tiny casino would not advantages the community at all.

Despite the staunch opposition the master plan was dealing with for several months today with owners regarding the area holding rallies once within a while, the Belmont Park expansion comes with most followers. Obtained continually remarked that the inclusion of the VLT casino at a racetrack would deliver annual income tax money greater than $24 million and would result in a wide range of employment becoming developed.

Within the recommended program, a 100,000-square-foot casino could be put into Elmont’s Belmont playground. Read More